June 28, 2012

Katie & Robbie Married! | GWP Roswell Weddings

Katie and Robbie’s wedding was such a blast from the minute we walked in! All of her bridesmaid’s were giddy with excitement and the guys were ready for an awesome day. The dance floor was rockin’ from the moment it opened and the DJ played ‘The Wobble’ which is one of my personal favorites! Not only was it an amazing party, but Katie looked absolutely stunning! Her dress was gorgeous and the Primrose Cottage was a perfect backdrop! One of the best memories I had from the night was when one of Robbie’s groomsmen was recounting how awesome of a couple Katie and Robbie were. He even said, “I can’t remember Robbie without Katie! They’re always together and so in love!” Coming from a guy, that was one of the sweetest statements!

Thank you so much for having us there Katie and Robbie!