August 25, 2011

Sam + Chad Married | The Willetts – Swan House Atlanta Weddings!


Weddings like Sam & Chad’s remind me of why I started photographing weddings with Gregg. I hardly stopped once the entire night and didn’t mind it one bit. And I was dancing, on the dance floor, with my camera around my neck. That’s a sign it was a great wedding! Their wedding was so fabulous because Sam and Chad as a couple are dynamite. They are fun, sweet, relaxed and so trustworthy of our eye for photos. It meant so much when I would ask Sam for these weird photo requests and she said, “I trust you.”

Sam and Chad’s wedding was at the amazing Atlanta History Center and we were able to take a few photos in front of the Swan House. It is a very historic building with gorgeous surrounding gardens. It felt like we were roaming through the hills of Europe and came across a castle. It was so cool! Needless to say, the photos taken in front of the Swan House made my heart melt and again, made me love my job.

Thank you Sam and Chad! Enjoy the blog!