February 1, 2011

Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta! | The GWP Experience

Well, what an event!  The Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta was an amazing experience and we are so glad we participated.  Why so wonderful, you ask?  Partly because this was our first show.  Leading up to the event, we labored over which photos to display, where to print them, what size and how to display them.  Then we had to decide on marketing pieces that show us as a couple and as photographers the best.  We also wanted a great piece that brides would take home and not discard.  That’s why we came up with the “save-the-date fridge clip”.   It was a difficult feat to engineer the backdrop but we couldn’t have been more proud of our set-up.  Thank you out to Gregg’s sister & mother ~ Lori & Nancy for helping us with transporting the pieces.

The photos showed perfectly thanks to some IKEA lights and our booth was inviting.  I was very happy watching people walk by our booth, turn around and come back because they like our photos so much.  I also got to do the thing I love most; talk!  Knowing what it’s like to be engaged myself, I was able to ask brides fun questions like what are their wedding colors, where they got their bridesmaids dresses, why they chose a particular location and other colorful details.  It was so fun!  The brides were wonderful and their friends and family that came to support them were equally as fun.

I also love loved loved meeting all the other folks in the business.  The ladies at BASH were wonderful neighbors and a great new contact.  The feeling in the room was very supportive and not too competitive (which I was a lil’ nervous about).  It was an amazing experience and I hope you like the pics!

Some of our marketing pieces.

The album presentation by the one-and-only Gregg!