July 30, 2010

Rhonda & Dustin’s Wedding! | GWP Weddings

From the moment we met Rhonda and Dustin, I knew that it was a perfect match as photographer and client. They are so open and loving with each other and it really translates into their photographs. Luckily for us, it was not only a great client relationship, but they quickly became new friends too! We had such a blast at the engagement session with Rhonda and Dustin and the kids, and we couldn’t wait to shoot the wedding at Lake Lure Inn & Spa in North Carolina. It was such an amazing place to have a mountain/lake wedding and as I said before, it’s where Dirty Dancing was filmed! Actually the Patrick Swayze suite was right down the hall, which, of course, I was ecstatic about.  Our room was right down the hall and was rumored to be haunted! This article explains why. Gregg and I were both totally creeped out after hearing about it! 

The wedding was amazing with the whole family involved in the ceremony. The lake and the mountains made a perfect backdrop and the light was rather flat, which is awesome for shooting in. Rhonda and Dustin’s family and friends welcomed us with open arms and we snapped away catching every moment possible. There were a few moments we didn’t catch on our cameras, but the GWPhoto Booth definitely did! We debuted our booth at their wedding and it was an incredible success. Keep posted for awesome GWPhoto Booth photos coming soon! 

Her dress was so amazing!

Anna & Emma, the sweet bridesmaids! (and new sisters)

A quick laugh….:-)

This light was awesome.

I love this photos, mostly becuase I love rocking chairs, but she looks amazing! Rhonda and her brother before the ceremony.

The trolley was so fun! It had great light too:-)

The kids were so wonderful throughout the whole day!

I love detailed shots!

Yay! They’re married!

Possibly one of my favorites from the day! (I have a thing for black and white photos)

The reception was so great! All the kids went swimming after the wedding too.

A perfect wedding day.