November 18, 2009

Jill & Doug Married!! | Decatur Weddings



Doug and Jill (or Dill and Joug) are two of the kindest people you could ever know and when they approached Gregg Willett Photography to being their photographer for their biggest day, we could not be more thrilled! The shot above is of Jill and Doug during their first dance with a 1940’s jazz/lounge band playing smooth music in the back ground. Their wedding was a vintage 1940’s themed wedding that was perfectly portrayed. All the guests wore the appropriate attire; pin-curled hair, birdcage veils, fur shawls, bowler hats and cigars all around. It felt like you stepped back in time! The wedding was held at the Solarium in Oakhurst, GA which made a perfect backdrop to the day. One of the best moments of the wedding was when the bride pulled up to the ceremony in her 1941 Cadillac! It was quite the entrance. The wedding was incredible, and the photos were pretty great too! Enjoy a preview!